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Dr. Michael Layne, A former Police Officer
Dr. Michael Layne, A former Police Officer

Dr. Michael Layne, a former Police Officer and current Chaplain for Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana, understands the needs for today’s Police Officer.

When the challenges of police work become Overwhelming…… Stress, alcoholism, drug dependency. Police Officers come face to face with these problems on the street…..and sometimes when they look in the mirror.

The CopCare911 Squad Room

I am glad you stopped by. CopCare911 is an outreach to Law Enforcement Officers to offer encouragement, assistance and spiritual guidance.

The Law Enforcement Center For Redirection was founded by Dr. Michael Layne and his wife, Donna, out of the need for a place where Law Enforcement personnel, and their families, could turn for help with their stress, depression, addictions and other problems.

Layne holds post-graduate degrees in both Theology and Counseling Psychology and has spent many years in both the Ministry and Law Enforcement. He completed a Residency for Clergy at St. Vincent’s Stress Center and has been doing counseling for a number of years. Layne is a Certified Pastoral Counselor and serves as the director/counselor for the Law Enforcement Center For Redirection. CFR offers seminars that are designed for Law Enforcement dealing with Stress issues and the importance of the officer maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to survive the issues of life on the beat and internal, departmental issues that plague many agencies

The Reason We Exist

There is, undoubtedly, a need to make available to Police Officers a safe place where they can come for those times when the stress has become so great they, and others, are noticing a difference in their demeanor, activities, anger level and alcohol or drug usage.
Police work is stressful. Many officers witness more trauma in a typical work week than average citizens will see in a lifetime. The challenge goes beyond the inherent violence and danger in keeping the peace. Add in these factors: Intense public contact, Unusual working hours. Mountainous paperwork. Considering these stress producing factors, it’s not surprising the National Institute of Health and Safety ranks law enforcement professionals among the highest at risk for suicide, divorce and alcoholism. And, according to a study in U. S. News and World Report, as many as one in four police officers may have a drinking problem.
Stress, alcohol or drug dependency make it impossible to effectively perform law enforcement duties. The afflicted officer may be a danger to self—and others. And yet the officer may be reluctant to seek help. Or may not even realize there is a problem. Fide et Fortitudine, By Faith and Courage. The officer can learn how to work through the stress of the job which, left untreated, will develop into a Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder and the situation worsens.
The Center for Redirection can help the officer through a confidential program developed for law enforcement professionals. In addressing the special needs of active and retired police officers—including the need for a confidential environment—the program is designed to lead police professionals to wholeness and a lifestyle of wellness.

What can be done for the afflicted officer?

The answer: The Law Enforcement Center for Redirection, which offers seminars and education in coping with stress and stress related issues.

Our Vision

We desire to develop a full range of services including a treatment center, staffed with clinical professionals, where the active or retired law officer can benefit from professional, compassionate and totally confidential care.
We currently offer Phase One of our program— Officer Survival: Stress Management. The program deals with issues of stress, stress related illness, stress awareness, guarding against PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Compassion Fatigue.

Our Goals

Developing a full service treatment facility for drug, alcohol and stress related issues exclusively for Law Enforcement. The Law Enforcement Center for Redirection will be a secure “Haven between Hurt and Healing” providing treatment for Spirit, Mind and Body.