Our Story

How It All Started...

The Second Sunday of Advent, 2015 we met for the first time in a borrowed facility. Within a few weeks we had found an empty church building that was very close to foreclosure. The bank that was handling the situation was also the bank we had for our personal business.

Speaking with the loan officer we were told that they would be happy to rent the building to us until we knew what we wanted to do.  So, the people agreed and we moved in.

We worshipped in this building for about three years, and then finances were making it difficult to remain in the building.  We had prayer for guidance and decided to sell the property.  Within a few short weeks there was a buyer.

It was difficult to sell the building.  But God had other plans for this ministry.  It wasn’t long until the COVID-19 virus hit the world.  That’s when it became evident there was a need to do ministry in a different way, Live-streaming.

We have been live-streaming on Sunday mornings for two years and the outreach has grown.  During the pandemic we also established FaithPoints Radio which airs 24/7 on the internet at www.faithpointsradio.com

We also meet at a hotel for the time being until we know where God wants us.

The Founding Pastor is, Most Rev. Dr. Michael Layne who is ordained and serves the Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America as an Archbishop.  He is married to Donna Broden Layne and they ive in Greensburg, Indiana.

Expanding the Vision

As a community of believers, we feel it our calling to reach out to as many as possible with the glorious message of a Risen Jesus Chirst who gave His life for our sins, and desires people everywhere to know Him.One of our missions is through a broadcast ministry as we go to the internet with FaithPoints Radio Network 24/7. sharing a message of Positive Christianity.

Where We Are Headed

The journey is a long one, but on this journey we share the love of Jesus Christ with the world (John 3:16).
The picture was taken on Easter Sunday 2021 when we baptized these children. What a joy!

Be Part of Our Story

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:00 AM!